Planning for the future

Before you talk to us you should consider various factors.

The NDIS has rules about who can have SDA funding. The rules are about what your support needs are, the kind of housing you can live in, and what supports are (or will be) in your NDIS Plan.

1. Eligibility: For our housing, you must be eligible for Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) in your NDIS plan. If you have Exploring Housing Options (EHO) in your plan this means that you are eligible. If you are not sure of this, contact your NDIS planner for written confirmation. Once you have confirmation of this, we can guide you through having the assessed SDA funding level that you require written into your plan.

2. Housing types: You must be willing to share your accommodation with one other person. We do not build stand-alone housing for just one tenant nor do we build high rise single bedroom apartments within large scale developments. If you require multiple bedrooms for visitors, supporters and/or family members, you might better consider approaching your state housing authority.


3. Location: What area/s are you wanting or willing to live?  The more flexible you are the easier it will be to find affordable land.  Our footprint currently extends across greater Sydney but as data becomes available regarding both city and regional areas, understanding your housing needs will help us to know what areas are under-resourced. This will assist us to understand where we need to expand our footprint to cover under-serviced areas. 

4. Housemates: Do you have someone you would like the share with?  Our standard new builds will be designed as a minimum of 2x2 bedrooms (shared accommodation) with a staff sleepover room/office. Please discuss any variations to this with our SDA Consultant.