Securing your client's unique, specialised housing needs can provide a wonderful opportunity to better coordinate your service provision.


We all know that living in a terrific environment provides greater happiness, safety, and comfort to all people, but for people with a complex disability, it is an imperative. 


Being supported well in a bright, light, spacious home creates a greater sense of wellbeing as well as assists the provider to streamline services and to deliver them in workable settings.


We embrace project-driven, co-design housing so that the designs are developed in partnership with the service that will be operating them. This will allow a tailored solution to your client's housing needs and ensure that every space is designed to work for both the individual service user as well as your staff.


If you have SDA eligible clients who need a home or are currently living in out-of-date, substandard legacy stock or head leasing in the private sector, talk to us and together we can tailor a solution for your client's needs.

We at SDA My Way hope to be talking with your organisation regarding a collaborative partnership with us. Great things can happen when people work together to achieve results.

Book an appointment to speak with our team and together we can explore the possibilities for purpose-built housing that is responsive to your clients  because it is designed with each of them in mind.

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