You & your family

Working together  to create an extraordinary life!

When people have a complex cognitive disability to the extent that they are SDA eligible, they often require guidance in making big life decisions. This is where your family can assist.  


Your family can guide you through having a say on your housing needs.

There are 3 different funding models you can apply for. We support you with developing a housing model with day-to-day support provided through;

  • a chosen Service Provider (SIL model of support) 

  • a Cooperative Family Governance Model 

  • a Self-managed model


There are ten basic steps in the development of your future home.

  1. Considering suitable co-resident/s.

  2. Ensure that you are eligible for SDA in your NDIS plan and having SDA eligibility written into your plan.

  3. Opening discussions with us regarding what you are looking for, whether you think we are a good fit for you. If we believe that we can work together, we will discuss a general location for your SDA home. You or your representative then sign an agreement with us to proceed.

  4. We look for suitable land to purchase in a negotiated location taking into consideration cost and other factors. This decision is made in consultation with you.

  5. SDA My Way will brainstorm with you and develop concept plans.

  6. Final designs are agreed upon and then submitted to the relevant council for approval.

  7. SDA My Way engages the builders and starts the building process.

  8. A final review of the fixtures and fittings in consultation with you.

  9. Housing completion and SDA home registration!

  10. Your home is ready for you and you now decide upon your service model in conjunction with your NDIS planner.


SDA My Way has created a survey to better understand the needs of our future clients. It covers location, the type of housing you are eligible for and the model of housing that best suits your needs. If you can take the survey, we would be grateful as it will really help us with our planning to create the type of homes you want. 


Tell us what you need  Expressions of interest 


Thank you and we hope to be talking with you soon! 

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