Specialist SDA planning

We review every component of every one of your reports, and bring them together into one targeted document to write a targeted SDA report that covers every element of your housing needs, is complex.

We liaise and collaborate with Occupational Therapists and Allied Health Service Providers during their report writing process to ensure that their reports have covered the SDA legislation without leaving any gaps. We can recommend OT's well versed in SDA who are able to work with you in person and remotely in preparing your report.

If your reports are already written and we feel that it has not totally covered the legislative requirements, we work with your Allied Health Services to review the gaps.

Our SDA Coordinator comes from a decade of working within the disability policy arena, but also comes with an intimate three-decade knowledge of complex disability support needs as viewed from her lived family experience. Decades of talking to people with disabilities and their families, sharing their journeys has sharpened her understanding of the complexities of individual needs. 

We will ensure that your SDA report ticks every box so that your SDA application has the maximum chance of approval.  

We do not do generalised Support Coordination, we provide Specialist Support Coordination for people actively looking at Specialist Disability Accommodation. 

The SDA rules are complex and if you already have a Support Coordinator we can initially guide your Coordinator through the report gathering process and then we develop a report for you that ticks every box. 

This is a pivotal, specialised part of your SDA journey.

We meet with you and your family so that we can understand every nuance of your social, disability and housing needs. 

If you would like to talk to us about supporting you through this this pathway, you can contact us on info@sdamyway.com.au