Creating the future, with our clients

Until the opportunities of Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) funded by the National Disability Insurance Scheme became a reality, if you had complex disability support needs, a large scale group home was virtually your only option.


This has now changed. In the coming years, new, innovative housing models will break through that will promote the building of  more personalised housing. 


If you are willing to go high rise, mass-produced apartments will be coming online that will allow individuals to live by themselves with on call support. This can be done through the scale and reduction in sizing of the SDA builds within a larger scale development, offset by mainstream building for multiple residences.


SDA My Way do not build for high-rise living. The maximum we will do is four stories. We build boutique housing models designed for quality-of-life for people with high support needs.


Because of this emphasis and the way SDA is funded, along with the premium costs of land, the minimum scale of our housing models will be 2x2 to support two people as co-residents with sleepover staff room/office


While we do understand that for some people this is not perfect, it is the only viable way that we can, as a small scale builder, develop the scale and quality that allows people to live a good life while covering our costs. We want to ensure continued growth in the specialist disability housing market that will ultimately lessen the historically high, urgent, umet-need for housing for our cohort of clients.  


SDA My Way will be the landlord. We supply the buildings and you, along with your NDIS planner, determine the support model.


We do work with you to build the type of housing that you have dreamed about within this minimum 2x2 parameter. We will listen to your hopes, dreams and aspirations and design to your individual needs as far as it is possible within the SDA guidelines.


SDA My Way has already set a benchmark in the industry for specialist disability housing. Our company has built new, deluxe, fit-for-purpose properties for service users who want the very best in SDA accommodation. View our beautiful apartments built in Sydney's Northern Beaches on our portfolio page. They are simply stunning. 


Inspire us to create the home that you have longed for. A home designed with you or your clients in mind.


If you don't want to go through the building process stay in touch with us as more specialist, speculative housing will become available.


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