SDA rental costs 

If you are SDA eligible, the only cost to you in working with us to build a home for you is your passion and your ideas. We pick up the land, design, building, and landscaping costs. When the home is ready you pay the standard social housing rental costs.  


Rent: Is approximately 25% of the Disability Support Pension plus Commonwealth Rent Assistance. If you are working or have private assets, this percentage will include the income generated through this.

Tenancy agreement: All tenants are protected by a tenancy agreement.

Bond: Is one (1) month rent in advance. 

Utilities/services: You will be required to pay your equal share in all utilities/services that are not specifically purchased for your own personal use.

Shared living areas:  The purchase of shared furniture and white goods can be negotiated with SDA My Way under a small repayment plan. 

SDA funding is a function of the NDIS Participant’s support level, the geographic location, and building design category. Your plan will detail the amount of SDA funding available to you based upon an NDIS assessment. There is a range of factors that are taken into consideration. You will find the SDA categories here.

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