What is SDA?

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) refers to accommodation for NDIS participants who require specialist housing solutions to assist with the delivery of supports that cater to their functional impairment and/or very high support needs. It is a funding stream provided by NDIS. The investors and developers build SDA eligible housing and the cost of this is placed as an annual allocation in your NDIS plan.


All you pay for your purpose designed housing is rent at the standard social housing costs. You simply cannot get a better deal than that! Your housing dream for just your time and energy in making it right for you.


SDA does not refer to the support services, but rather the homes in which these supports are delivered. SDA may include specialist designs for people with very high needs or may have a location or features that make it feasible to provide complex or costly supports for independent living.


SDA My Way is a group of investors and developers who are passionate about creating homes rather than ordinary housing. We believe that this begins and ends with our future tenants. SDA My Way provides secure, long-term, purpose-built housing that is built with you in mind. You may be living at home and looking to move out, or you might be unhappy where you currently live and are looking for freedom in your lifestyle that you never thought possible.


This is where we at SDA My Way comes in. We provide finances and build buildings that create innovative spaces where people will love living. 


We work with both providers and people who are SDA eligible and who are looking not just for standardised-housing but looking for a dream. Our specialist housing is a collaboration between SDA My Way, individuals, families and/or SIL providers. 


We love what we do and we look forward to turning your dream into reality.

Contact us to discuss your housing needs.